History of Mayacan & Belize

The Mayacan property was purchased in 1994 by Mayacan Development Company Limited, a Belizean registered company, and was part of the old Hughes Estate. It is composed of 1849 acres made up of two separate land parcels. The front 96 acres along the sea has been subdivided into two hotel sites, 66 water front lots and 61 second tier or back lots. All lots measure 50 ft by 120 ft. The entire property measures approximate 1 mile of ocean front and goes 4 miles back from the sea. The back 1753 acres is composed of dense jungle, cahoon forest and gentle rolling hills called the pine ridge.

The original 55 shareholders each received one share and one beach front lot. The company was and continues to be managed by an elected Board of Directors. It is no secret that the company has had many challenges over the years which were all internal. However we have persevered and the company is still solvent and the project very much alive.

Of the original shareholders there have only been a few who have sold. We as a group believe that we have one of the most beautiful pieces of property in all Belize. Even the locals have expressed this to us! The present Board of Directors, elected in 2007, have eliminated all obstacles which were preventing progress of the development and are now actively moving forward.

The video below was taken in 1995 by a few of the original investors when they saw the Mayacan property for the first time.

                  An early visit to Mayacan